Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10 Weeks

She's 10 weeks old! Such a happy social little girl. Especially first thing in the morning and when I want to go to sleep at night.

Her hands have become a great pacifier recently.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Daddy with his oldest girl.

Loving his baby.

The oldest three.

See my frog?

Jumping into the mucky mud.

Watching the older two.

What trip to the lake wouldn't be complete without throwing rocks?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Just The Girls At The Park.


Couldn't stop grinning.

Watching big sister.

Even upside down...

Blow sister! Blow!

All blown out.

The "men" went on an overnight backpacking trip this weekend, leaving just the girls at home. Oh it was so quiet! We had our own adventures here. While at the park, Abigayle walked over to a tree and began pointing, exclaiming "Baby! Baby!"  "Sure. " I thought. I walked over and low and behold there were two babies... squirrels. Both looked dead. But upon closer examination I discovered one was still alive. We brought it home and attempted to care for it. It died that evening.
We also were invited to tacos at a friends house. Very good and much appreciated. Sabbath was quiet as well. Everybody behaved well in church. We walked to the park again that afternoon.
Guys arrived home safe, sound, and sore after a 5 mile uphill hike in and 5 miles down hill out. But they were grinning from ear to ear. 

2 months old.


Full body wiggling smile.

Still smiling.

2 Months old. Such a smiley little girl. She's learning to shut down and sleep a bit better at night. I'm finally getting to the bottom of her tummy problems and she's much happier. She loves to visit ( coo) with mommy. Her head control is good as is her ability to sit up while supported.  She loves to stand on her little legs. Abigayle LOVES her and is learning to not pick her up without permission and to take turns with mommy. ( Abigayle was holding on for dear life to baby when it was time to give her back.)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Packing with small helpers...

My children were excited! Tomorrow we were gonna go and see Grandpa Richard, Grandma Melody, Uncles Reggie and Chris and Auntie Jen!
I was tired and was trying to nap. Their nap time was complete and into my room they charged. What could they do to help? Well, I told Lucas how many pairs of clothing he needed and off they older two trotted to "pack". A little while later, back came Lucas, bag in tow and packed. I lay Emberley on the bed next to me ( where she began to grunt) while I sorted through to see how he had done.  I was pleasantly surprised that I only had to add a couple items of clothing and take out the toys. "Grandma has lots of toys. All you need to bring is something to play with in the van."
Emberley began to fuss. I scooped her up.Yellow oozed through her clothing and onto my bed spread. Oh boy. Bath time for baby. Laundry time for the bedspread.
Walking into the bathroom I happened to glance into the kids' room. What a sight met my eyes. Abrianna had packed 12 bags and 1 box  full of toys, clothes, and books. Couldn't deal with that quite yet.
Bath over and laundry started, I walked into the living room carrying my clean baby on my shoulder burp rag in hand. She unhappily urped up all over my shoulder. I shook my head. Laugh or cry? I'm chose to laugh. That's what I got for not having the burp rag in position instead of in my hand.

Settling into my rocking chair I began to feed my baby. My older two girls launched a  brawl  in my bedroom. My dutiful 4 year old was trying to pack Emberley's essentials. Abigayle was eating the essentials- colic tablets. A fight errupted. Abrianna came out on the short end of the stick with bite marks on her shoulder and cheek. Sigh...
I disciplined Abigayle and finished feeding Emberley.The milk didn't agree with Emberley. She began fussing and burping up. I worked  packing Abrianna and Abigayle's clothes. Nestled among the clothes were toys packed by a "helpful" 4 year old. Removing the items, zipping shut the bag, I ushered all the girls into the back yard to play while I read. Lucas hauled the bag out to the van to prevent any additional unneeded items from sneaking in. 
The rest of the afternoon I tried to unpack the 12 bags and 1 box zealously packed by my 4 year old Abrianna and placate a colicky baby.
 Rick arrived home. He sat down and began to eat. Mostly done, I asked him to hold Emberley. "But I'm eating!" he said. "Well the kids and I haven't eaten yet.I replied." Why not?" he inquired. " Cause I haven't had the chance to feed them!" I finally did finish packing. What should have taken an hour job took 5 hours.
 Whew! Is it just me or does that sound crazy?