Friday, October 25, 2013

What's a parent to do?.....

3- year old Abby stole in to big brother Lucas' bedroom commandeering a Lego car. Oh how sweet to play with forbidden goods, until.... big brother found her. He nicely requested she return the pieces ( by then she'd disassembled it) of it to him.  Refusing she popped a piece into her mouth.
"Momma! Abby has my Lego piece and won't give it back and I asked her nicely!" he whined at me. I followed him to her bedroom where he was attempting to make a forceful entry. Pushing him aside I went in to talk to her. "Where's the lego piece? " I asked. "In here!" she replied pointing at her mouth. "You got to be kidding me!" I thought. I tried rewording it. "Abby where did you leave brother's Lego piece?" Opening her mouth wide she said, "In here!" Oh boy! What's a parent to do...

Friday, October 11, 2013

She did what?

Daddy bought a pellet gun to teach everybody to shoot.

 For Abrianna's turn she pressed her little eye tightly against the scope and pulled the trigger. Ooops! It kicked her right in the eye! She stumbled back to the house blood smeared and tears falling.

Daddy noticed something was on the scope... bits of Abrianna's eyebrow. Oh well, must've gotten her hairs stuck there some how. He picked it off and resumed practice.

Meanwhile I saw my blood smeared little girl come stumbling up to the  house with a nice deep cute and a impressive looking shiner.

Ought to be interesting to hear the reactions when she tells others what happened to her eye. Oh well. You can guarantee she won't try that trick again anytime soon.