Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Abby's Antics.

Her second and successful attempt at a sink bath by herself.
What a dichotomy is my little Abby. She insists, "I do it!" and then 30 seconds later, "Mommy help! Mommy do it!"

Potty time has become a moment to sneak in a bit of bubble making, when I thinks she's washing her hands. Those bubble moments have nearly resulted in a few accidental over-run sinks. 
Viewing those lovely bubbles, an idea leapt into her little mind, "I love bubble baths. The sink would be perfect little bath tub!" So she endeavored  to climb in before momma spotted her thwarting her efforts. 
A few days later she successfully took her bath. But as you can see by the picture, she wasn't thrilled with the results. 
This wasn't the end of the sink's siren's call. "Hmmmm.... Mommy washes my hair with shampoo. Why can't I?" she pondered.
Friday evening company was the perfect time. While washing her hands after going potty, she carefully covered her curls in hand soap. Mommy was able to fix that by rinsing her head off in the kitchen sink. This was repeated several days later.
Today I found her in the bathroom once again, hair plastered to her head, rinsing her own hair under the bathroom faucet. Independent little girl.

I work diligently to teach my children instant obedience. When I start to scold her about something she'll say, "Okay momma! I be happy!" Immediately bursting into song, "Be happy. Be kind. Be loving. Be True. I'll meet you, in heaven. And live next door to you!"

Tucking Abby into bed, "I love you!" I said. She looked up at me declaring stoutly, " I love you too much!"  snuggling down to sleep.

Abrianna exclaimed to me, "Momma, today is a day of great gladness for Grandma Melody's coming!"

This morning Abby finished brushing her hair, "Dere, I beautiful!" she declared. Then spontaneously bursting into song "Beautiful, beautiful, Jesus makes beautiful,"

Monday, February 4, 2013

Not so little monkey up a tree.

Rick wanted updated pictures of his kids in horizontal shot as it best fits on his office wall. So the camera joined us on our walk. Lucas loves having his picture taken and often begging to be in the shots or trying to sneak into somebody elses photo op. Today was his day to shine. 
A different view...

He was a little monkey up in the tree. Unfortunately the swinging from limb to limb shots weren't as clear as I'd have liked.

She believes she's independent enough to walk the trail by herself. 
Okay... Maybe with a little help from big brother.

Baking baby...