Friday, October 29, 2010


On our way home in the van yesterday, Lucas was chattering on about sandwiches. "Daddy eats handburgers everyday." " Why do you say that Lucas?" I replied. "Because you eat them with your hands."
Rick does eat sandwiches everyday at work. I suppose that it does qualify as HANDburgers. ( smile)

On our way to potluck, "Mom, the gas is the van's lunch!" Ahhhh, sure son.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On lullabies

The other day as Abrianna cuddled beside me for rest time ( Rest time is just that... a rest. My girl refuses to take naps though she is only 2 1/2!), I was singing Good Night Abrianna to the tune of Good Night Ladies. She chimed right in with an impish smile, inserting Momma in place of Abrianna. Such precious memories of my little red-head.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bathtime wiggles

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy 5 Month Birthday to You!

Yesterday morning I mentioned it was Abigayle's 5 month birthday. Lucas was excited, remembering an unopened gift from Grandma 'Tine in his room. He asked to wrap it for her. He snuck it out under his shirt. The wrapping paper wasn't quite sufficient to cover the box, but that's okay. We sang Happy Birthday and my older two gladly helped manage the wrapping paper.
She has changed so much in the past month. When I hold her close to me, she reaches out both little hands to grasp my face. Big brother and sister are a constant source on entertainment. Abrianna insists on holding her hand quite often. It's okay in the car. Not so great when she's trying to nurse and go to sleep and big sister pulls her hand away or puts her hand over Abigayle's face. I'm happy Abrianna loves her so much.
She is adept at rolling all over. Now she peddles her little legs under her and pushes forward. If she continues at her current speed she will soon be at least commando crawling. Amazing. I thought that third borns would be happy to just set back and watch the world go by. Not my kids.
We invested in a new piece of baby furniture per Rick's request. We now own a bumbo seat. Amazing once again. I wish I'd gotten one when Lucas was a baby. Abigayle can sit in it while were eating at the table or sit on the counter while I'm cooking and cleaning. She's very happy to be in it and watch the goings on. Very grateful for that. I can get a things done a little easier now.
We've officially begun the teething process with increased drooling, chewing and crankiness. I hope it goes quickly.
Need to get going with my morning. MOPS is having a potluck breakfast and my food still needs to be fixed.


A slightly brisk sunny morning walk. Ahh... Bliss... But was it? Not quite...
Abrianna ( like any good mommy) wanted to take all three of her babies on the walk in the stroller. Two were descent sized and one was about 2 1/2 inches tall- Strawberry Shortcake.
I suppose I was pushing it a bit on the walk. Abigayle was begging for her nap on the way back. She was happy as long as she was being carried.
We passed a couple with three young and friendly golden retrievers. I kept Jasper ( our German Shepherd) back while informing the couple that even though their dogs were friendly mine was not.
Arriving back at home, I was unloading the stroller when Abrianna burst into tear. "My Stawberry cupcake!" She wailed. I moved both girls out of the stroller and proceeded to search. No dice. Okay... Back into the stroller and back out of the walking trail. We walked the whole thing over searching unsuccessfully for the missing doll- passing once again those friendly golden retrievers.
Abrianna was upset over the missing baby. I figured she was just plain tired too. I gathered my children onto my bed with the idea of a nap or at least a rest. Abrianna sobbed for 10 minutes about that missing baby. What could I do? I'd looked.
So distraction seemed a good idea. They soaked up 45 minutes of reading. Abigayle had a short nap. Time to try to get some things done.
Abrianna climbed up to the table to work on her leftovers from breakfast. Happy giggling erupted. There she was. How she arrived there we can guess. Strawberry Shortcake was sitting next to her place at the table. Thank you LORD!

First Foods

Finally snapped a couple of shots of her with some of her first foods. She wasn't too impressed with avocados.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Sisters