Tuesday, January 31, 2012

God to the Rescue ... Again

Mondays bespeak busyness in the Drake household- errands rushed through before violin lesson (which ran late) and a few more tacked on afterwards. Then home to feed my ravenous and cranky children.
 Lunch finished the sun beckoned us to venture out before the clouds finished coming in from the west.
 Tired little Abigayle began melting down on the way home.
Starting a pot of beans and setting a timer, Abigayle and I headed for a much needed nap.When the timer went off I carefully ( I thought) explained to Lucas how to turn the beans off.  He heard "turn off the timer". Ignoring the nagging uneasiness of needing to check to see if the task was completed I slipped into dream land for maybe 10 min. An acrid smell pulled me back from unconsciousness. Bleary eyed,  I roused myself and my baby.  Stumbling from my room I walked into a wall of smoke stretching from floor to ceiling, billowing from a very dry pan of beans charring on high.
Rushing to turn it off, put water in it, and slamming a lid on the mess, I turned on a fan and opened a few windows drug my exhausted body back to bed. Abigayle rudely awakened cried. The smoke alarm  screeched its announcement of a smoke filled house.
My head pounding, I turned on more fans and opened the door. Oh, I so wanted to go back to bed. But not with the ensuing chaos.
With the clearing of the smoke my headache dissipated and the fire alarms ceased its wails. Pulling myself together I scooped my crying child into my lap and cuddled her. Peace.
My sweet husband was kind enough to pick up a pizza for us. Lucas had the task of removing the charred beans to the compost pile. I have the fun tomorrow of picking out a new pan to replace my one and only pot that is beyond repair.
I'm grateful for God's protection but feeling a bit foolish to have gotten into that situation to begin with.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I was sitting cross-legged at my computer exposing my bare unshaven ankle. Abigayle ( 20 months), walked over and began rubbing. Her face grew concerned as she declared repeatedly, "owie! owie!" Well, I guess its time to shave off those whiskers.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We had to take advantage of the icy snow before it melted. It may be the only snow of the winter!

Such a thrilled grin!

I tried to get Abigayle excited. She was fine until it leveled out and we were going fast. Then she wailed. She DID NOT like the snow or sledding.

After the ride down the hill.

Daddy didn't have any better luck.

Abrianna had such fun with "woosus" when she finally braved a ride. 

Then she was even brave enough to help carry the sled back up the hill instead of requiring somebody to help her up the hill.

Who needs a sled when it's this slick?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Building his snow bear.

Helping out.

First reaction to the snow.

Forecast said a severe winter storm with lots of snow. Maybe up to a foot in all. We went to bed with brown and woke up to white. My children were so excited they donned snowsuits, gloves, and hats and rushed outside before breakfast to put together a snowman. Pretty impressive one too. Then after breakfast it was back outside to build a snow fort. So much fun! Its really slushy so it sticks together- unlike the past few winters.

Monday, January 9, 2012

While reading...

While reading a book to my kids on gratefulness, I read a line where the main character declared he had the best mom in the whole world! "Oh, no she's not!" Abrianna stoutly declared. "Why not? Why can't she be the best mommy in the world?" I asked. "Cause you're the best mommy in the world!" she replied. It's things like this that make all the work worthwhile.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Abrianna's learning to ride...

Daddy patiently helped his "tangerine head" learn to ride her bike for a good half mile yesterday. She's getting it!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas in California

Christmas Eve with my parents.

You know you got a good  practical mid-western woman, when her wish is a shovel for her fireplace for Christmas.

Taking her time removing the paper to reveal some snuggly jammies from Aunty and Uncle.

Just around the corner is the cheese factory. Complete with a pond where you can feed fish and farm animals you can feed pellets too.

Bravely feeding a goat pellets.

Cousins in order of age, Annalena, Jadon, Zaylie, Lucas, Seth, Kirsten, Abrianna, Toby, and Abigayle.

The kids were just as happy feeding them leaves.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two months ago...

I know I've dropped off the photos and blogging scene.Now I can FINALLY reveal the reason. Lord willing, we'll be adding to our family towards the end of July. Feeling grateful to be feeling some better. I know that will improve even more soon. Lucas kisses my belly daily. He's old enough to have faith when momma says there is a reason for her not feeling so hot.