Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The brave adventuring 2 year old.

Last night after I had arrived home from Ladies Bible study, Rick told me a story with a funny, sheepish look on his face. " I put K-bug to bed about 8:30 and shut the door to our bedroom. About 45 min later I heard scratching at the veranda door. Darn cat! Now it knows how to scratch at the door too!" I thought. I went through our bedroom to use the bathroom and noticed it was really cold. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the slider door was open and Caleb was gone. I went to the living room and opened the veranda door to find a chilled, wet, and happy boy asking to come back inside." Rick showed me Caleb very wet and muddy jeans. He apparently was playing in the baby yard in the dark happily. The story left me feeling sick and at the same time incredibly thankful.
(We do have wolves around here.) I am so grateful he didn't wander off and that it was warmer last night than its been. Again, I think parenting is about near misses.
Practicing up on his faces- takes after daddy and big brother.

Little dude.

Peek a boo!

Happy birthday to you!

His candle tipped over and put itself out on his hand.

He was screaming, "No! No!" and batting at it till daddy took it away and blew out the mean old candle again.

I flipped the candle over and told him to lick it off. He took that too a whole new level and bit off a big mouthful. When I told him it wasn't food and to spit it out, he burst into embarrassed tears.