Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall is comin'...

He was quite the ham posing for me.

I have finally learned if I sing to her she'll smile at me. Yeah!

Her little baby toes are so precious.

We Drakes stick together.

Even if we don't cooperate.
Best she would do for me. Until Lucas starts yelling the the tractor out bailing hay was gonna run us over. Then panic ensued.

At the Fair.

Old tractors and fair go hand in hand. Lucas LOVED sitting on this tractor and having his picture taken.

Must be a little boys dream... Fire trucks and REAL firemen. Even an opportunity to sit in the fire truck.

Miniature animals. This donkey was very cute and very LOUD when it brayed.

Lots of fun to learn to milk a "cow."

Such concentration.

The kids area had a section about grain. It was equipped with a kiddy pool of wheat and little sand buckets. Abigayle didn't hesitate to climb on in. She had wheat in her pockets, diaper, and shoes.

A bag toss where everybody could win an apple was fun too.

The peddles were a bit hard for Abrianna so Lucas jumped right in there and helped her out. What a wonderful big brother.
I won a first and second prize on the photos I entered. Kind of exciting.
We saw many friends, old and new and had a wonderful time sampling frozen chocolate covered banana and an elephant ear. Definitely will do this again. Kids and momma loved it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rude awakening

Abigayle was begging me for a nap today. Usually we wait until 1 or 2 but it was noon by the time she'd journeyed onto the land of nod.
I snuggled her against me and walked to my room to lay her down. Her eyes popped open as her little hands clutched for me. The teething has been making it particularly difficult for her to stay asleep.
I lay down and nursed her back to sleep. "A few more minutes and maybe I can sneak back out into the other room and get some things done", I thought.
Nope. Horrible shrieking ensued as my little orange-head tore into my room clutching an empty water bottle while hot on her heals was her big brother, a bowl of water in hand.
Mommy was supposed to be a safe haven. Nope. Not today.  Momma and baby were unceremoniously drenched in cold water aimed at little orange head.
I don't care how well your baby sleeps... Mine WILL NOT sleep when cold water is thrown in her face. She never did go back to sleep but she did go to sleep several hours early this evening.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pendleton Pool

Lucas and Austin were battling it out. One minute friends and the next enemies.

Sliding with a little help from Dad.

Loving the water.

Even Abrianna finally decided she was enjoying herself.

I love that tongue.

Abigayle was trying to feed Jared.

She's our water baby. Every time I put the camera up to take pictures she squat and try to drink the pool's water.

Hanging out with friends. Abrianna and Cameron had fun playing together.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

All ready for the fair... Little Miss Farmer Girl.

Abigayle's new skill.

 Digging deep with both hands... and only 15 months old.
Big brother is too good of a teacher.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's growing in our garden...

Humongous corn! It's 12 1/2 feet tall.

Rick is standing on the ground reaching up to show how high the ears of corn are growing.

The cucumbers are growing up the corn. Quite convenient.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Smiths Ferry.

She's got it figured out.

With the bubbles in focus...

Lucas' turn.

Anticipating the arrival of the frisbee.

Let her go...

Here she comes.

Grandma love.

Daddy and daughters.

Truckin' right along.

Back toward the cabin.

Going fishing for the first time with Uncle Reggie.

Learnin' to put flowers behind her ears.

Or on her head- thanks Abrianna.

Deflated tough guy.

He's tough once again.