Sunday, April 25, 2010

And the wait is on...

38 weeks, 2 days. That is where I am. Do I have 12 days left? Only time will tell.
I've been bouncing back in forth a bit between two midwives for my appointments. They both tell me different things.
Susan is a friend of mine. She's been doing cervical checks for me the past few weeks as my midwife has been trying to stay in a central location to all her due mommas.
Last week I was 2 cm. station -2, and soft cervix. I was excited. It didn't mean labor was imminent but that I was making progress.
My midwife was here yesterday. Baby was higher, station -3. She considers my cervix to fingertip dilated. But showing me how open it is, it's about the same as last week. Cervix is externally very soft. It has what she calls a hard core. This isn't the mucus plug. It simply means that I'm not quite ready to have this baby.
Last week I measured 39 weeks. This week it's 37 weeks. Again Sherry says that in her mind not to expect baby until I'm measuring 40 weeks. I do know that my measurements change based on the position of the baby.
I know that my dates are correct. Not a doubt. I've been measuring where I need to be all along. We'll see when Miss Abigayle decides to join the family. I look pregnant enough that I'm already hearing, "you're still pregnant?!"
Depending on my courage levels, at this point in pregnancy I want to hibernate at home- no church. It's discouraging to still be coming to church with a Buddha belly.
We'll see... I'm thinking of telling people I still have 2 more weeks next Sabbath instead of 1 week. Is that a lie? Then I won't hear anything about being overdue if I show up to church the following week still pregnant- 1 day past due date.
I'm not that uncomfortable. Just ready to meet this munchkin. I am a bit nervous too. A friend of mine from college was pregnant with her 4th boy, her due date several days before mine. She gave birth this past Tues to a stillborn little boy. Thing can and do go wrong. Please pray for my baby's safe arrival.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pride goes before a fall...

During the lessons study at Sabbath school the teacher asked if anybody knew why there was going to be a flood. My son pipes up, " To wash away the wickedness in the earth!" "I couldn't said that better myself." teacher Sarah replied.
A few minutes later she asked, "Why did God give us the rainbow as a promise?" Lucas again replied, " so that we'd know he wouldn't cover the earth with a flood to wash away earths wickedness again!"
I was bursting my mommy buttons. That's MY boy!
While waiting to in line at potluck a rather rotund visitor made his laborious way to the line. Lucas stands up and hollers, "MOM LOOK AT THAT FAT MAN!!" This was repeated several times before I got him to lower his voice and ask me his questions. "Momma, is he fat or does he have a baby in his tummy, " he whispered. I assured him that he was fat, no baby. Men don't have babies.
My mommy pride was a bit bruised after that declaration.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Obedience and protection

I'm so grateful for God's protection. I'm also very grateful Lucas choose to obey the first time and quickly.
Alyssa and I were walking home from the park with the kids. You have to cross the road with the blind corner to reach the house.
There is a little peek hole through the trees to check for oncoming cars. Alyssa looked and gave Lucas the go ahead to cross. But just at that moment I saw a car come speeding. I yelled for Lucas to stop and and come back as a white car driven by a young man came barreling around the corner much faster than the 25 mph speed limit.
This man looked and SAW Lucas in the road and didn't even slow down. I'm not one to call names. But what a JERK! He almost hit and killed my son because he was speeding. I'm so grateful Lucas stopped and turned around when I called him.
He was one frightened little guy, bursting into tears. I praised him on his quick response in obedience. I praise GOD that my little boy wasn't hit.

When I was little...

Lucas, " Mom, I remember having a birthday at Sabbath school a long time ago! How old was I?" Me holding up three fingers, "How many is that Lucas?" " Three. Mom, I'm old. I want to be little again so I can chatter!"
Uh oh. If three almost 4 is old... What does that make 30?

Monday, April 19, 2010


These pictures are compliments of Auntie 'Lyssa.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Abrianna's two!

Meticulously putting the two coins in because she's two years old!

Blowing out the candles all by herself. No help from momma.

Pretending to blow out the candles. It was too windy to light them.

Brother pointing out the Custard kitty in the Strawberry Shortcake set.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Abrianna's two!

The Perrin's Heather ( baby boy) Dea, and Daniel.

Sharing the blanket with one half of the Michaels' family, Noah and Tiffany.

Excited to be getting a little dolly!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Spending Easter with the Michaels family is starting to become a tradition. The past two years have been just with the Michaels. We dyed eggs.

Abrianna showing off her pretty pink egg.

The dads hid them and we all trooped outside for the hunting.
It took less than 10 minutes for the eggs to be recovered. Tiffany was creative and hid matchbox cars in some of the shells. 12 eggs were given to Tiffany for the next activity.

Inside these eggs were props for the resurrection story. Things like rose bush thorns, spices, and money were in some of the eggs. I was happy that Tiffany made it a point to include that story with the hands on/visual aids.
Afterward the kids played with toys will the parents played the wii for a bit. Then Tiffany finished up making lunch while I fixed the kids plates of haystacks. Lunch was topped of with banana cream pie. I went to finish shopping while Rick and the kids played. Then home to naps. All and all a nice day.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Lucas, " Mom I just gave Abrianna some of my boogers to eat!" GROSS!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A better picture of the damages