Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Doctor Day=Babysitting

Email is about the only way to reach me these days and so realizing this, Rachel shot me an email saying she really needed someone to watch the old chap while she went for a pap. Seriously now.

She huffed and puffed with the heavy kid up the three flights to my office where we promptly all walked down again. I bundled the wee one up, waved bye bye to mom, and the kid and I were off! I met a group of friends who ooed and awed over him because honestly, he's just the cutest kid out there. I say that unabashedly. It's true.

And then I noticed his little blue cheeks and little shivers and teeth chattering. I couldn't help but be melted by that so I ran pushing the stroller, bookbag bouncing, careening down the street to get him home and bundled up.

Whereupon arriving at home, he promptly raced over to the letters prepared by Dr. Dodds for our Amnesty International events and chewed a hole right through two of them.

He's a little motorboy! He gets everywhere with his cute little buns waddling back and forth as he hauls across carpets, linoliums, maneuvers through chairs and other obsticles to reach his ultimate destination. He has his goal in sight and nothing, but NOTHING is going to stop him. Ok, so I guess he is easily distracted, but that's about the only way.

And there is my pseudo-story. He's cute. The End.

Lucas' 9 month pictures

Lucas with Mommy
Bathing Beauty

Monday, February 26, 2007

Bye Dad

I cried when daddy left this morning. The big door didn't close very well. So, I crawled over and stood up to see if daddy was still outside. He was all gone! But, Jasper was there. I really thought it was neat to have a wind0w and dog at my eye level.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Black beans are sooo good.

I love my black beans so much that I use them as a special moisturizer on my skin. Mom doesn't think it works so well though. She subjects me to being scrubbed down with a wash cloth! I would much rather just suck on the wash cloth and not be washed at all.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Praise God!

For those of you who have asked...
Yesterday we made our trip to Spokane to see Dr Nancy Starr- the kidney specialist. First, I took Lucas to Sacred Heart to have an ultrasound done. The technician told me that she couldn't find any kidney tissue where the right kidney should have been. I was excited about the possibility of the malformed kidney being reabsorbed.
Then, we met Grandma Fisher and Cousin Laura for lunch. Grandma Fisher brought Lucas a stuffed elephant for Valentines day. Fortunately, he wasn't afraid of it :-)
After a nice visit we made our way to Dr. Starr's office. Don't you all simply love navigating those one-way streets?
We spent a total of probably 5 minutes with Dr Starr. She confirmed what we had been suspecting- no right kidney! No more trips to Spokane every 3 months!! No need for surgery! No more antibiotics!
She did say, however, that he needs to wear appropriate protective gear when playing sports. Also no Ibuprofen or Aitkins diet as an adult.
Thank God for miracles. Dr Starr had said that it usually takes up to 2 years to see what will happen with multicystic dysplastic kidneys. Lucas is only 9 months old!
I'm also thankful that my great great Aunt Eileen was able to come along and help with Lucas. I don't think I could have done it alone!

Someday I'm going to be just like Dad

Someday, I'm going to be just like Dad. I'm going to be able to shave too!

Enjoying FREEDOM

Mom has been letting me enjoy my birthday suit lately. Man, she just keeps taking pictures of me in the BUFF! :-)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Friday Night Tacos

I hadn't eaten since breakfast Friday, so knowing Rachel's fridge is ALWAYS open to me, I finished my Amnesty International project and headed on over to R&R's house for Friday Night Tacos.

All the married people are there. And a bazillion children. That in itself makes for a rollicking good party, if you dig talking about pregnancies, engineering, model airplanes, weight, and trying to keep the bigger frolicking kids from smashing, stomping, pushing, kicking, biting, and throughly wa-banging the younger children.

Once I walked in, a nice lady was holding Lucas and baby-talking to him. Fear stood out in his eyes as he stared intently, wondering in his little mind what the world she was trying to do to him! His eyes were huge and then he started looking for an escape route.

His beautiful eyes rested on me. Familiarity. Heaven.

He couldn't wait to reach his chubby arms out and push away to get to me. The fear left, and in its place desperation to get to a comfy spot where he could analyze the room and the people and make his cooing joyful noises, added to the cacophony of screams, laughs, and parents dashing to save a bonked child.

Where do I find a perfect child like him? I should check out the supermarket.... Trader Joe's.

Or maybe the meat market. Get myself a man.

Or maybe not. I've got a nephew, so when he gets bonked and I don't know how to comfort him, I can take him to Momma to hug and kiss his tears away, and then when he's happy take him back to play and have fun. I think being the Aunt is the best of all possible worlds, to quote Plato lightly. Lucky me. I am lucky. I've got the best sister-in-law, a brother who hugs me when he sees me, and an open fridge and happy nephew to greet me when I visit.

Monday, February 5, 2007

I'm standing!!

I surprised Mom and Dad yesterday. I stood up and balanced on my own for 5-10 seconds. I've also learned how to climb up onto low things. Mommy was chuckling over my newest reasoning. If I don't see mommy or daddy when I'm looking for them... I assume that they MUST be in the big bathroom. Off down the hall I go. If I'm wrong and they aren't there... Well, I'll admit it. I cry until they come and get me.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I'm helping change my diaper

Mom was changing my diaper. She thought it would be adorable to get some pictures of me in the buff. Here I am in all my glory!

Showing off my teeth

Here's the first picture anyone has taken that my teeth are visible. Aren't I cute in the buff?