Monday, January 17, 2011

On dogs and walks

Warmer January temperatures beckoned for me to bundle up my brood and venture out to trek the snow-free trail.
With Abigayle in the backpack, Lucas astride his bike, and Abrianna in the stroller we sallied forth.
Fresh air! Different scenery! The break from the monotony of cabin fever. Who could resist?
Lucas and girls content, I took the opportunity to chat with my Grandma in Tennessee on the walk.
Half-way though the walk we had an unexpected and uninvited guest... a collarless female pit bull. She seemed friendly enough. But Jasper ( my German Shepherd) is NOT friendly to strange dogs.
She trotted on past us. Then my son had the bright idea of racing this strange dog. NOT COOL!
I hollered at him to come back. Unfortunately the dog thought I was calling her. So back she came with Lucas.
Hmmm.... What to do? Jasper was raising his hackles and barking. I had my baby in the back pack and Abrianna in the stroller. I was honestly afraid that a dog fight would occur with my girls in the center. How to fix this?
"Lucas, put your bike down and start pushing the stroller home please!" Reluctantly he complied. When they were a ways out of the way down the trail headed home, I asked him to call Jasper. They both obeyed. So I picked up Lucas' bike and made my way towards home. Jasper took matters in his paws and lit out after that dog chasing her back across the road and towards the golf course.
Did I mention I made many frantic calls to home hoping that Rick would pick up the phone and come rescue us? This all happened to have occurred when he was down town.
He was back home by the time we arrived. Needless to say, it was quite awhile till my heart rate returned to normal.
I'm grateful to God for his protection and that the dogs didn't fight with me and the girls in the center.

Little stories.

Christmas eve,Jamie ( friend), holding Abigayle, and Heidi( SIL) were practicing singing for the Christmas program at church. Jamie invited Abigayle to sing. A few moments later she lustily joined in, very obviously trying to sing along with them. This momma is seeing some musical talent in her future.

Today while changing Abigayle's diaper... "Abigayle, pheww! What did you eat?" Abrianna promptly replied, "diarrhea!" "You mean you think she ate diarrhea?" "Yes!" she lisped.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Colossians 3:20

Children obey your parents in all things. For this is well pleasing to the Lord.

Friday, January 7, 2011

8 months old.

So many changes in the past month. We've welcomed two teeth without too much fuss. Given up solids for the second time. (She's 18 lbs + on momma's milk so she doesn't seem to be suffering.)

Made a long road trip to CA for Christmas with the Anderson side of the family. This was her first time to meet some great-grandparents and one set of cousins, aunt and uncle.

Her easy going attitude and joyful grin won many a heart.

Her newest acquired skill was pulling to standing the day before we left to come home. The huge grin lighting her face was followed by wails as she tumbled to the floor bumping her head. Hence the nervous look on her face in this first picture. She's getting better at getting down gracefully without as many head bumps.

She has discovered the joys of scooting around the bathtub, sending showers of waters flying from her kicking feet and patting hands. She still learning that if your put your face IN the water to chew on toys you'll also get the bonus of a mouth/noseful of water. Not quite so much fun.

Lucas is her life. She lights up when he comes over to play with her or take her out of her exersaucer ( gulp!) or help her walk across the room. Boy, does she love that.

She contentedly plays on the floor, making expeditions from the living room to the kids room where books/toys/ and papers make tasty snacks.

Always curious she curiously peers over my shoulder while yanking my hair from her perch in the back pack. What momma does is ALWAYS of great interest. The backpack certainly spares my shoulder. Very grateful for it.

She will be really movin' across the room in her commando crawl position, pauses and assumes a models pose on her side and elbow with and leg cocked.

The clapping of hands is a bit confused. She thinks that you clap your hands when in distress instead of a congratulations for a job well done. So, she cries and claps. Such a funny adorable baby girl.

Thank you Auntie Ingrid for the new jammies!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Singin' and dancin'

Children's ability to express themselves with abandon is beautiful. Here Abrianna is singing about having Jesus in her heart as she whirled.

Goin' for a ride

Lucas' form of entertaining. Great thing is that it occupies two of my three on a cold gray January day.