Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sledding on our hill in January.

Tasting winter's goodness.

Bravely riding with his little eyes scrunched shut with daddy.

Oh the fun!

Pulling this little guy in the sled was the easiest way to get him back up the hill.


Many years have past since his last snow igloo. I think he was 3 so 7 years ago.


We have had an abundance of snow and then ice this winter, The temperatures have been subzero and night and single digits frequently for daytime highs. We had about a 1/2 and inch of freezing rain on top of our 10ish inches of snow. We went sledding with out sleds, simply sitting down and sliding down the hill. Fun! But treacherous to walk on. While walking out to sled we watched and 18 wheeler slide sideways off of Touchet/ Gardena Road south of us. A flat bed pick up truck tried to turn onto White Road and instead slid in a semi circle and wound up in the ditch north of our driveway. We were blessed to have Gary Segerman plow the snow out of our driveway before the freezing rain came. I think we've had snow on the ground for coming up on 3 weeks!