Monday, February 24, 2014


19 month -old Emmy was given a half dozen pairs of hand me down shoes at church this week. Oh the hours of  fun she and her sisters have had trying on and wearing the different pairs.
This evening while nursing her to sleep I reached down to gently rub her bare foot. She immediately pulled off  and wriggly and twisting away she tried in vain to get off the bed  crying " SHOE! SHOE!"  "No, honey. We don't wear shoes to bed." Bursting into tears she continued to try to reach her elusive shoes. After singing to her awhile she finally was able to settle back down and work on going to sleep. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

And the little girls did....

While visiting with Aunty Jen at the zoo, Aunty decided to take Emberley into the bathroom for a quick diaper change. Laying her on the changing table she asked Emberley to lift up her buns. Up went the little bottom complete with the super hero "Doot di doo!". Snickering Aunty asked her to pick it up a again to slide the new clean diaper underneath her. Up went the bottom again with a  triumphant," Doot di doo!" This was too much and brought down the house ( or bathroom) causing an outbreak of giggles by the other occupants.

A sneering  3 year old Abby approached me with doggie treats clutched one in each hand. "What are you? Are you scary?" I asked. "I am a super hero!" she staunchly declared. "Oh really?" I asked. "What are the doggie treats for? These are my weights! I am bery STRONG" she growled - as I choked back a snort/giggle.

"Mommy, I need help!" came from Abby as she twisted to show me a very dark red looking belly button. "What did you do? Did you put something in there?" I asked. "Uh huh! Its a Lego!"
This was too good not to show Rick so off we trooped to the office to show daddy. Then back to my bed where I could see. Laying her own her back I had her pooch her little belly out as far as she could. I tried squeezing it out. Didn't work. So I managed to manipulate it to its side and after several tried yank it free with tweezers. What will she think of next?

"Owie! Owie!" Emmy pointed to  a scratch on her knee, Pulling her little leg straight up to her face she kissed it all better.

What could make a better slip n slide than a door broken from its hinges? What could make it slip better than some liberally applied hand soap? "Mom! The girls made a slip and slide in their bedroom on their door and are using soap!" Lucas tattled. Pausing in my phone conversation with my Grandma Joan, I walked back there to see if it was true. Yes it was... "Well grab a bucket, water, and some rags and clean it up!" I instructed them. A minute later a tearful soap faced smeared little boy stumbled out. " Mom I bumped my nose! I stepped on their door and fell on by face!" ( snort/laugh I responded) Ummm okay....