Saturday, March 8, 2014

God's protecting hand.

I pray for my children individually daily. For Emmy I pray about teaching her obedience and that God will protect her. Boy, did God honor that prayer in a large way today.
We were invited over to a friends house. These friends bought our old house so those of you who have visited us there know what a dangerous blind corner we used to live on.
Abby was standing by the screen door and suddenly began shrieking. Rushing over to see what on earth could be the matter, I saw Emmy toddling across that blind corner and a mommy who was walking by on the trail walking out in the road to rescue her.
My heart in my throat I tore outside to get her- thanking the lady and cuddling my baby close. This could've have turned out so totally differently.
After spending the rest of the day "hiking" around Bennington Lake we headed home. Emmy was so tired that she fell asleep in the van and continued to sleep on the bed.
Waking up crying, Abri ran into the bedroom to help her down from the bed. I sat down to nurse her when all of a sudden she started throwing up on me ( shudder!).
Now, don't get me wrong. That's nasty, disgusting, and gross. But I'm grateful to God that I have this little sick girl this evening instead of no little girl at all.
Thank you Father in Heaven for your protection.