Sunday, June 29, 2014


I stumbled across a reality show on Amazon Prime, One born every minute  follows a labor and delivery department in Columbus,Ohio that delivers over 6500 babies per year. Each episode features 4 births.  My two youngest girls love to watch it with me.
 Since then, Emmy will randomly say, "Puuushhh!" as she strains, ending with a shriek. Her baby ( always a girl) has arrived.
 Abby's underwear has developed a sag- a baby within. "Mommy, I need to take a baph so I can have my baby!" (Her births are all water births. )
The other day she was walking around with a little black baby doll that she'd "birthed".  "So, Abby was the baby's daddy black?" I asked. "No." she replied. "Well how did you get a black baby then?" " I push it out." she stated matter- of -factly.