Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A lesson learned.

Andy's, Best place to shop. But a story to go with this picture. My oldest 2 had bees in their bonnets to spend Abrianna's money on cans of soda. Well they asked another checker to change out some dollar bills for quarters while I was in line paying for my groceries. Then they disappeared. The younger 2 got some candy from our favorite checker. I mentioned to the checker that I wasn't sure where my oldest 2 had gone. She had seen them leave the store. Now, I was 100% sure I knew where they were and what they were doing. I was MAD that they didn't ask first. After loading everything in the van I took the younger three- the girls eating candy- over to the pop machines. Not only did they have root beer but they had diet root beer, and mountain dew. No way was I going to allow them to drink those. So a crying little girl took the cans inside to see if she could exchange them- which she couldn't. A hard lesson was learned about asking FIRST and then okaying the varieties selected before buying them.
So proud of her for turning her lemon into lemonade by gifting the mountain dew to her daddy.