Sunday, December 20, 2015

Caleb at 9 months

"Caleb!" Daddy called. Caleb looked up and asked, "What?"

Monday, December 14, 2015

Emberley with a giggle and grin, " Mommy,make your crinkles. I want to touch your crinkles!"

At Christmas Uncle Kyle walked through the door. Emberley looked at him and declared, "Uncle Kyle, I want to kill you!"
Aunt Genni, over hearing her said, "Emberley! Is that what you are supposed to say???"
Emberley in a sweet tone of voice."No, I am supposed to say it nicely, Uncle Kyle I want to kill you..." ( Sigh.... Not quite getting it)

9 Months old.

9 Months in....

9 Months out...

Sunday, December 6, 2015

What you should know about Caleb at 8 months.

What you should know about 8 month old Caleb.

1. He can stand and balance all by himself! He's still a bit nervous but he can do it.
2. Cruising now consists of anything that will move he will push.

3. Clapping hands makes him very happy.

4. Waving for sure now.

5. He give great squeezing melt your heart hugs.

6. He LOVES the cats. They tolerate the mauling amazingly. I found him yesterday holding the kitten up by one ear and he didn't get scratched.

7. By far the most opinionated on food. He shrieks and screams if you don't feed him fast enough, he's out of food, he needs a drink, he wants what YOU have, or he's done. (Working on baby sign language to stop this screaming.)

8. He contentedly and happily self entertains for easily an hour. He will crawl to the far corners of the house happily. But wow be to me if I happen to walk away from where he is playing! He crawls after wailing.

9. He loves looking through books quickly turning pages.

10. He's tolerant. Emmy loves to wrestle him and he puts up with a lot before getting upset.

11. Favorite activities are to play in the bottom two drawers in the kitchen while I'm  working there or to pick plants out of Daddy's aquaponics system.

12. He is the only one who comes happily with a big grin each and every time he is called.

13. He's got a great mullet going. He's probably going to need it cut before he hits one.

14.Playing catch makes big smiles.

15. Stairs and climbing  are fun- especially when mom's not watching.

A side note from Emmy. Me, "Emmy are you a little firecrackers? NO! I am not a firecracker! I am an Emmy Pill!"

Cause I can climb now...
Emberley crying after poking herself with her toast, " The bread bited me!"
I Can Stand UP!