Saturday, February 27, 2016

11 Months

Lucas cleaned up the sandbox for him to play.  


Oh my baby, you are growing oh so fast. At 11 months your climbing so much better. Look out world if the stool is left upright. You had your first bloody nose from climbing up the stool and pulling a cool pan off on top of you and falling to the floor. 

 Daddy had to empty his aquaponics system cause you climbed in twice.  

Walking is your mode of transportation ( you started  walking at 10 months).  Your balance is good enough that you love to carry things while you walk.

 You want to be included with the big kids. Your little face crumbles up as you cry when they harshly tell you to go away cause you are making a mess out of their play. The door left open a crack is an open invitation to get outside. 

 Inevitably when you are down for a nap someone gets too noisy and you wake right up. Naps are getting fewer.

You are so busy yet so contended. You are my first baby to happily play for an hour at a time. Sometimes, I lose you in the house cause you take off to play- especially in somebody's room or in the bathroom.
This past month has unfortunately seen you with a second burst ear drum and your first bloody nose. The bloody nose was from climbing up on the stool and pulling a pan down on top of you when you fell off. 

When daddy and I play music youa re right in the middle of it trying to make music too. You love vibrations. You press your head against daddy's drum or guitar. I've seen you do it to the dishwasher, vacuum, and radio too.

A kirby dealer came for a demo this month. You walked up behind him and he knocked you in the nose giving you your second bloody nose in a weeks time.

Your great grandpa Vernon Anderson died this month. You met him in Minnesota when you were 6 months old. He was so proud of you.