Sunday, September 18, 2016

What do all these pictures have in common?

Emmy's owies.

The Yaris' owies.

Abrianna's remorse and owies.
The last piece of the puzzle.
Sometimes we simply have to thank God for His mercies- even with injuries and damaged vehicles.

I was bathing Caleb when Emmy came crying to the bathroom- nothing unusual. "Just the girl I wanted to see!" I exclaimed, starting to direct her to the bathtub. "No! I have an OWIE!!" she wailed. So she did, abrasions on one eye and what looked like a rubber imprint of the handle bar from the four-wheeler above her other eye. "Did you fall off the four-wheeler?" I asked. "YES!!!" she wailed in reply.
About that time, Abrianna stumbled in crying and holding her face followed by a demanding older brother telling me dad wanted me RIGHT NOW and to bring the van, a screw driver, and a cable to tow the run away four wheeler back. Huh???
"What do I do first???" I wondered, trying to assess how badly the girls were injured and piece together what happened....
All three girls were on the four-wheeler in fourth gear with Emmy at the wheel. ( WHAT?????) Lucas seeing the careening four-wheeler stormed out of the house yelling at her to slow down! She panicked and pushed the throttle harder while going around the corner, skidding into the side of the Yaris. The impact knocked two girls off. The third had wisely already jumped ship.
The throttle jammed and the four-wheeler rocketed down the hill, launched of the fence, tumbled down the drop off, righted it self, crossed the road, and ended its crazy ride by tumbling end over end off the other side of the neighbors field down a bank into tall tumble weeds. Rick followed its trail and was able with the aid of a screw driver delivered by Lucas to limp it back home with a flat tire.
When Emmy calmed down she fell asleep. I called a nurse friend Wendy to ask what I should watch for. (I woke her several times during the night and she was ok.)
I am grateful to God that the car stopped the careening four-wheeler. Yes, the car has $2800 worth of damage ( Ouch! Grateful for insurance). The four-wheeler has some damaged plastic, brakes, steering, ignition, and throttle. I am grateful that the damage happened to vehicles and the kids are all healed up!