Saturday, July 28, 2007


Lucas has noticed his shadow. While outside today on the cement slab with sun splashing through the trees, Lucas saw that something was just in front of him- slightly under his feet. When he walked forward it moved away. When he stopped, it stopped. When he walked backward, the "thing" followed. He never did manage to "pin it down." Finally giving up, he walked away watching his shadow follow over his shoulder.

Can't get enough of this potato

Mom gave me half of a potato. I tried to eat the whole thing at once. I didn't spit it out. Just chewed with it protruding out of my mouth until it was all gone!

Don't I look funny?

I wanted to play with Aunt Eileen's Glasses. So She put them on me. Don't I look funny/cute?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Apricots... YUMMY

I was getting into the dog food last night. I thought is was really good. Mommy thought is was really yucky. I would stuff it into my mouth and swallow it before Mommy or Daddy could get there and dig it out. So, Mommy figured out that I was probably hungry. Taking me inside she offered me an apricot. Boy, was that good. Every time she offered me one, I'd fill my face and want more. She stopped after I'd eaten 5 of them. Daddy thought I looked pretty funny with apricots hanging out of my mouth. So he hurried into the house to immortalize that moment. Hope you enjoy my cute pictures:-)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My extended family

Here is my new haircut! Handsome, huh?
Grandma Christine, Uncle Mitch, and Aunt Alyssa came to visit me in July. This was taken the day they left. Grandpa Jeff and Uncle Kyle didn't come because they were doing a Maranatha Project in Norway. They are supposed to be home tomorrow. ( Is this any better Jenilyn and Melody?)

First Haircut

The Time had come. I looked like the back of my head stuck out unusually far. That's because I was born with hair just on the back of my head. It never fell out. So it was about 3 inches long. My mommy wanted my Grandma Christine to give me my first haircut. She did that shortly before she left- while I was taking a bath. Mom and Dad say that I look very handsome with my newly trimmed locks. I am 14 months now.