Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Newest addition

Lucas holding the kitten he picked out and named Teeter.

A mouth full...

A mouthful of... Carrot!

We're still given the power of choice

Today has been... Rewarding... Horrific!
How can those two words wind up in the same sentence? Let me explain.
Yesterday our cat ( the one we got before children) scratched Lucas one time too many. We found a home for him and today set out to Tri-cities to choose a free kitten.
Long morning. We had to pick up my cat carrier, drop off a book at a friends house, go to Wal-mart for the necessary supplies for our forthcoming kitten.
The kids did great on the trip over. Jojo slept while the other two watched out the window with minimal noises. The place was really easy to find. There were 3 kittens to pick from , two black fluffy ones and a short haired female.
All the way over there, Lucas insisted he wanted a black one. After holding all of them, he changed his mind. We are now the proud owners of a little calico female - who is currently hiding under the bed to escape all the love and attentions of Lucas - mostly- and Abrianna.
The way home was stressful. Both girls were wailing and Lucas was pestering them. Couple that with two stops to corral kitty, and I was very glad to get back home.
Shortly after arriving home, the phone rang. It was my mom. Strange. She doesn't call me unless we haven't spoken for several days.
The news was saddening and maddening. My cousin was scheduled to have an abortion. That happened this morning. She TOOK HER 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WITH HER TO THE APPOINTMENT!! The "wonderful" people at planned parenthood ( or shall I call it planned barrenhood) let her in the room.
I know God certainly had the power to intervene. I also know He doesn't force us. My heart is so sad for this innocent life that was snuffed out before ever having a chance to even live! Please pray for my Aunt and cousin. My Aunt is devastated. She's been trying desperately to get through her to her daughters drug darkened mind. To know avail. This grandchild is gone.
Thank you all for your prayers.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Many prayer warriors are needed

I have a cousin who isn't married and has found out she's pregnant. She's informed her mom that she's made an appointment to have this "problem" taken care this coming week.
I feel I need to make contact with her and offer to raise her baby or I know of several other couples who are willing.
Please pray that God will work in this situation and that His will will be done. This child's life is at stake!
I need His words to speak to enable her to see that there are other options!
Please Pray Warriors!

My nails are pretty like yours!

I'll bet most of you think I've dropped off the planet. Well, thankfully you're wrong. I still do reside here on Planet Mom in Walla Walla. Life happens. So does laziness and lack of motivation. I'm not completely sure which is the largest factor in the lack of blogging for the past couple of weeks.I'll see what I can come up with that worth talking about today.

Cute story from yesterday. I was ATTEMPTING to rest on the couch. My three lovely little munchkins were making it nigh unto impossible. The girls didn't sleep as well or as long as I thought they should. Lucas insisted he needed to cuddle with me on the little couch. If you've ever have visited my home, you'd know there is no room on the little couch for cuddling and resting with my three year old bundle of bouncing boy.
I noticed while trying to rest that his finger nails were alarmingly long and filthy. I asked him to retrieve the nail clippers so I could care for the mess. "I can do it, Momma!", off he trotted to the bathroom. He meant he thought he could clip his nails himself. I thought, 'oh well, the worst he can to is to clip them too short and have sore fingers.' About 5 minutes later, he gingerly climbed over me with nail clippers in hand. What had he been doing? Painting his toe nails with my pathetic gloppy nail polish. He was very careful so he wouldn't smudge them while climbing up. He said, "my nails are pretty like yours!"
My aren't so pretty. They're in desperate need of some nail polish remover and a clipper too. Oh well, it made him happy to have something pretty.
On a side note, my bathroom didn't suffer too much damage. I've yet to attempt to clean the polish off the counter. Maybe I'll borrow some nail polish remover and care for my nails and the counter at the same time.
I've got to go and get ready for church, have my worship, and dress my little ones. Happy Sabbath all!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This morning I made a feast of chocolate muffins, potatoes, stripples, and egg casserole. All day, Abrianna has been helping herself to those muffins. Can't say I blame her. They turned out exceptionally good. She's been told many times to keep the muffins in the kitchen. Look how I found her, muffin in hand, reclining on the boppy pillow in the living room! I couldn't resist snapping a picture before insisting she go BACK into the kitchen with that messy muffin.

Ready for Sabbath School??

She was wearing Aunty Lyssa's dress, scrubbed clean and ready to load into the car and make our way to Sabbath school. Except... She got a hold of brother's Sabbath bread that was smeared in peanut butter and nutella. Yummy. Messy. Her dress wasn't TOO dirty. So, after wiping off her face and hands she was presentable after all.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Abrianna's Hoppity Hop