Thursday, June 24, 2010

Strawberry pickin'

My two filthy dirty big helpers.

The fruits of our labors- 13 1/2 lbs of strawberries.

Ahhh, summer. What is more summery than picking fruit with my kidlets in tow? I've been wanting to go berry picking but was reticent because of wrangling all three of my little ones AND picking.
Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained. This morning I woke at about 6:00 -early for me these days- and fed Abigayle.
Waking Lucas, I made my way to the kitchen to fix green smoothies for our quick breakfast. Next, was Abrianna. Everybody was cheery and happy to be going picking berries regardless of the early hour.
I think we made it to the field about 7:30. Lucas and Abrianna both pitched in for the first half an hour or so helping to fill the container more than just eating the luscious berries.
Abigayle decided that a good feeding was in order about that time too. It's quite an interesting experience to nurse a baby while picking strawberries. I made it work though. Afterwards, she fell asleep and slept in the stroller the remainder of the time.
My older kidlets had a blast playing the the powdery dirt with Lucas piling it on Abrianna's head.
Needless to say, after an early lunch, they both had baths. Naps. Ahh naps! I even was able to sleep.
I've been working on cleaning up. Our house is being shown tonight. So, we've spent a bit of time outside playing in the sprinkler.
I guess I'm out of inspiration. Sorry.

First Bath

This week I finally got the baby bath tub down. She's only been getting baths with me up to this point. But I don't always get a bath each and every day. Now she's having daily baths! Yeah!
Thank you to Lucas my photographer for the picture.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A few weeks back my Mother-in-law came for a visit bearing many gifts. This adorable outfit is one she made. I think Abigayle looks like a pondering baby doll. She was so precious in this out- but hey, she's pretty precious without it too. I had quite a few compliments on her.

Full body smile

Abigayle is so responsive. She loves to coo and smile at me. Look at that full body grin!

Holdin' a ' Itten

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Abrianna's kittens

Babies galore at our house. During my labor a very pregnant Maryanne kitty watched intently, knowing that soon it would be her turn.
Sure enough, two weeks later at 5:00 AM on a Sunday morning she produced 6 lovable balls of fluff.
They are now almost 1 month old, old enough for my children to love on them. Poor things.
Maryanne doesn't appreciate the loving. If she is around and lose she'll make a beeline for the high pitched mewing one- the one Abrianna happens to be holding. Abrianna will cry "NOOOoooo , my 'keeey", holding the kitty aloft run away to find a "safe" place for it- usually an adult's lap. Then she'll try to pick up momma kitty and put in the bathroom. If she refuses to be picked up, Abrianna will shoo her in the to bathroom, "go in! GO IN!" her baby voice cries.
She loves her kitties. It will be a very sad day when they have to find other homes. Her little voice is often heard, " may I hol' 'ittin? Hol' 'keey?"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things I love about my 1 month old

My precious baby is one month old. Here are some of the highlights of the past month.
1. 2 weeks old and smiling at me! We had fun conversing during the sermon last week exchanging smiles. - made me all teary eyed. I've also learned that talking really high pitched elicits even more smiles.
2. Snuggling her soft cuddly body close on my chest as we sleep or holding her snuggly in the moby wrap. I don't want to put her down.
3. The way her older brother and sister adore her requesting to hold her- guess that means I have to share her.
4. Abrianna sharing toys with her. In fact, she insists on leaving her toys sitting atop Abigayle becoming upset if I try to move them.
5. Her baby coos and goos- some sounding like she's saying, "Hi".
6. Nuzzling and smothering her soft cheeks with kisses.
7. Nursing her in the backyard in the sunshine while watching the older two playing.
I'm very thankful for this precious addition. Thank YOU GOD!