Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Loving the baby...


I was working in the kitchen. Glancing in the dining room, I happened to see my baby on the table, picking flowers, drawing with a pen, and shaking the salt out. Busy little baby. She can get on the bar too. Drawers are opened and contents spread. Have to make sure that there are no knives within her reach now.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


He picked out the place and the expressions. Of course, he had to stick out his tongue.

The nice one.

Mom, take a picture of me hiding behind the leaves. This boy is a HAM. He loves his picture taken.


She love pink and especially pink flowers.


Smell the flower for me daughter.

Baby blues... 
Back lit. I love it but need more practice.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Maiden Voyage.

"Please build me a racer daddy", Lucas begged last fall.  "Sure Lucas," he replied. They bought the materials which have sat until about 2 weeks ago. A weekend was spent building it. Lucas earned the money to buy blue spray paint to paint it. Here are pictures of the maiden voyage down a hill next to our home.
Daddy helped out by pushing up the hill.

The look of exhilaration.

Wow! This is going a little fast!

The triumphant smile! ( not sure why he was so yellow in the photo. Couldn't edit that out)

Partners in Crime.

Giggles erupting....

Little finger scooping forbidden food into a willing mouth.

Lil fingers digging in...

Abigayle and Abrianna have a system worked out. Abigayle stands on a chair and gets into dessert on the counter. She happily shares with big sister. Big sister gets to partake without being the one into the forbidden food.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A simple pleasure...

Abrianna was sharing her ice cream with little sister. Made for some adorable shots.

Sweet and kissable little face...

The (almost) Last of the Corn...

Early this morning found the girls and I outside husking corn. When all was said and done this batch yielded 21 quarts. I think I have a total of 44 quarts. YEAH!

Abigayle was 'helping".

I found a caterpillar ( corn boar?) on a piece of corn. Abrianna gladly claimed it as hers. "Mommy! Do caterpillars talk?" she innocently inquired. "Yes, in caterpillar language." A few seconds later, excitedly, "Mommy the caterpillar talked to me and it said it wuves me !  I WUVE the caterpillar!"
Later mister caterpillar was joined by his brown brother in a jar and are gnawing a less than ideal piece of corn in an old pickle jar.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A laid back Sabbath day...

Sabbath was deliciously laid back today. Such a welcome relief from life's hectic pace of late. I watch some religious dvd's. Talked with Rick about the Bible and end time events. Then while he napped the kids and I went in the back yard. Of course, I got my camera to take some pictures.

As I've said before... Abigayle LOVES Eliab. She gets such a big grin and he is so tolerant.

Such a silly face.

I was really enjoying the lighting as my kids played in and by their pool.

I like this shot  cause it looks like I photo-shopped the blue into her eye. I didn't. Just good light.

Her hair is all lit up.

I took her picture while she was screaming. I did ask her to scream for me as I thought it would be a memorable picture.

Mom, take my picture while I hang on here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Shishing" and bulldozers.

Earnestly telling me about "shishing!" (fishing).

With the fishing pole.

She loves to put on hats after her bath. I think it's to warm her head up.

She LOVES pink and especially pink flowers.

He was quite well occupied building dams and lake in the driveway.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Little orange head with an orange flower.

Louis and Clark Trail for Labor Day.

Lucas was the only one brave enough to float in the river. It was too cold! The outside temp was only in the mid-seventies.
But that didn't prevent the little ones from the fun of rock throwing...

Doesn't a ketchup covered face just go with a picnic?


I bribed her with an oreo to cooperate for pictures.

"Mom, take a picture of me eating!"

Those eyes...

Isn't Josiah the cutest thing?