Saturday, March 31, 2012

24 weeks and growing.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Sabbath picture.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mexican cook and other stories...

At first she wanted to be a mommy and have lots and lots of babies. But a new love has stolen her away.... The love of cooking and eating her favorite food, Mexican. "When I grow up I'm gonna be a Mexican cook!" she stoutly declares. That's fine. She can do that. God has all kinds of different jobs and talents for people.

Yesterday while making soup, sauteing mushrooms, parsley and garlic I asked my little helper to come stir for me. I put her up on her little table and handed her a bamboo spoon. The steam scared her. "I don't want to be a cook anymoy ( anymore) !" "But Mexican cooks, cook vegetables like that Abrianna." I gently informed her. Now she's gonna be some other kind of cook, that doesn't require sauteing.

A few days ago, Grandma came to visit. What could be more fun than a slumber party with her? A slumber party with a Bible story, bingo played with jelly beans, then sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags.

Grandma was running a bit behind and decided to change in the room with the kids. Lucas buried his head in his pillow while Abrianna watched. A shocked look crossed her face, "Grandma! I didn't know you were a MOMMY!" she gasped. Grandma went on to explain that yes, she was a mommy before she was a grandma. Later on, I explained to her that when little girls grow up all of them grow the right equipment to become mommy even if they never have nor nurse a baby.

When I make food Abrianna loves she declares, "You're the best mommy in the whole WORLD!" to which Abigayle mimic, "whole world!". Makes a momma feel special. When I make food she doesn't like, "You're not the best mommy in the whole world!"( said with a semi pouty face). Hmmmm... This momma's supposed to perform?

"Spring time" in Walla Walla

"Mommy, lets go sledding!" Lucas begged upon seeing the unexpected winter wonderland that greeted us this morning. After suiting up Abigayle we trudged across the road and down the trail a bit to a small hill. Oh what fun! A gentle enough hill this pregnant momma could participate. All four of us piled onto the sled and swished down the hill. Then maybe Lucas and Abrianna or Lucas alone doing tricks- on his belly, backwards, swishing it side to side. A brief fun time. Glad we did it first thing this morning. The snow gave way to sunshine and 50 degrees. A really nice day.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Park Play

With huts. Look closely to see the smaller one.


See those little feet dangling?

Books are interesting too...

As is discovering one's shadow.

A lovely 70 degree in March. We couldn't skip the park! Over we chugged, or rather I huffed and puffed like a train pushing the stroller. Didn't spend a long time but boy did they enjoy getting out and playing for a bit.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sick teething baby meant sleep had been in short supply. Then she fell asleep on a walk. Once she's slept- even for a few minutes- that's all the nap she'll take the rest of the day. sigh...
Desperate to catch a few winks, I hired Lucas to watch her while I napped. Boy, did I feel better.
Several hours later, while sitting at my computer I noticed a red fuzzy pile resting on top of a speaker. What in the world? Living room carpet!
Lucas had taken a hair buzzer and shaved the carpet to help Abrianna collect soft things for her nests. Arghhh! Fortunately you have to know where to look to see the damage. I really wanted to replace the carpet before. Now it needs it much worse.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Half-way there...

20 weeks have arrived. I had a mid-pregnancy ultrasound a few days ago to reveal a healthy little girl! At least that's the educated guess. She wasn't cooperating very well.