Sunday, December 11, 2016

An Angel's protective hand...

Oh how did the day start? I supposed the background started the night before. I mentioned to Rick that both toilets were not flushing properly and asked him to take a look. He did take a look as he was getting ready for bed. Nope, couldn't unclog them with the plunger. 
The next day, he spent researching, running to town and trying different things to unclog them. Well, it was 20 degrees and snowy outside. Who wants to go outside and use a bush in that???
Lucas to the rescue!  He took a large sheet outside and strung it in the corner in front of the dryer vent- which was running.  On the ground he put the dog's heating mat for our feet. A 5 gallon bucket equipped with a stolen toilet seat from the house completed the makeshift bathroom. Abrianna pitched in by bringing a bucket of hat soapy water and lid for clean up. Smart creative kids.
Meanwhile, the little girls and I had been baking many loaves of pumpkin bread. (Using the pumpkin from our garden was a genius way to make gifts for our neighbors.) 
Around 4:00 I loaded up 4 of the kids in the van to go down the road to Carissa and James' house under construction to use their outhouse.( Abrianna was at Peggie V's house making caramel corn)  We sallied forth delivering bread in a winter wonderland of heavily falling snow. The snow fell so heavily at times, I let the van idle down the road while trying to see out. Lucas and Caleb waited in thewarm van while Abby, Emmy and I trudged through the snow to the houses to spread a little Christmas cheer.

We visited at the  Segerman's for a few minutes. In the course of conversation, Valerie mentioned she worked as and ICU nurse at St. Mary's. Little did I know within a few minutes I would be calling upon her knowledge. 
I herded the girls as quickly as I could out through the dark in the heavily falling snow to warmth of the van. I climbed in through the side door with them, turning to close it. It didn't close. In fact, I was wondering if something in the mechanism had broken again, when I heard a blood curdling shriek. Caleb was in the front seat with Lucas. Had he put his hand in the door and now it was smashed and broken?!?! I scooped him into my lap gently checking his hand, puzzled I didn't see any damage.

 My heart dropped as I noticed his head was cocked funny and he continued to cry. "Oh dear Lord! I slammed his head!!! Did I fracture his head or his neck????" I sent the girls running to ask Valerie to  come out and check him. Within a minute or so he had settled down and I felt it was safe to carry him into the better lit house to be assessed. See the picture? That is the only damage. How can that be? How can just an ear stop a heavy door? I think an Angel stopped the door and prevented Caleb's death or serious injury. Thank you Father God.
Psssttt... By the way... Rick did get the toilets fixed. Caleb had flushed a shower gel bottle and rock down my toilet and two small hard plastic doll dresses down the kids toilet. Glad daddy fixed it!