Thursday, June 30, 2016

Emberley says " ssshhhh...!"

Hot weather, swimming and cold ice cream say summer has arrived! The oldest 2 have been diligently reading to reach their 500 pages for free $5.00 gift certificate from Blue Palm yogurt shop.
Yesterday I made the time to take them in for their first treat.   We gathered around our table with our  unique yummy treats. Next to us was another table of ladies and children having a jolly loud time. Emmy leaned over placing her finger over her lips seriously saying, " Ssshhhhh....!" Emmy! That's not your job! I corrected her slightly embarrassed. Ignoring me she once again placed her finger over her mouth and said ," Ssshhhhh! I can't here the music!!!" Fortunately the ladies weren't offended, laughing at the situation. What can I say, she is her father's daughter.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

15 Months and growing....

Cause brother's goggles are so cool!

Gotta fix it!
Caleb is 15 months old and about 21.5 lbs. Such a smart boy. 
He is beginning to string words together. Examples,  After being removed multiple times from mom's books he threw himself on the floor exclaiming, "I wanna book!"
Every day has hugs with "I wuv woo!". Me working in the garden, looked up and asked, "where's Caleb?" to which he replied, "I here!".
He says many single words, like "No, brother, momma, dada, up, moos like a cow, barks like a dog. 
He LOVES his flip tab books. Favorite thing to do is pull of the tabs and try to replace them.( I gave up trying to keep them on. Last kid. He can pull them off and then we'll throw away the book.)
He unlatches and opens the dishwasher door to use it as a stool to get things off the counter.  He removes the 3 weights off of Skittles the rat's cage ( biggest 10 lbs) and gets the rat out.
He goes into the bathroom, opens the drawer, removes an electric toothbrush ( Lucas' is his favorite) and comes toddling out with it on brushing his teeth.
He loves outside. Jumping on the trampoline is a favorite. He climbs up a step (its missing the next step) and hollers for somebody to put him up on the tramp where he runs and bounces.
Favorite foods are whatever somebody else is eating at the table. He is now in his booster at the table to be better included. Applesauce and oranges are some of his favorites.
If a chair is cocked at the table its permission to climb onto the table. Many times daily I remove him. As I do when he climbs the back of the ladder back kitchen chairs.

It happened! Uncle Reggie married Joni Giem on 6-19-16 ( same date forwards or backwards). That night Daddy and I were relaxing on the couch recuperating after the long joyful day. Caleb was toddling about while Lucas was supposed to be going to sleep on the other side of the room. Naturally  Caleb walked around to where Lucas. He responded by roaring so fiercely that a terrified baby made tracks bat to momma as fast as his little legs would carry him, wailing along the way in fear. Shame on you big brother. Lucas apologized and coaxed him to come back. Unfortunately he listened and the same thing happened again. Well, daddy thought he'd help Caleb be brave and scare his brother back. Down he went onto all fours, knocking things out of the way and growling. Whoops! That just scared him all over and he ran back to momma. Lucas was feeling a little bad about now. He coaxed to get Caleb to come back once again. Well, Caleb would have none of that!. He sat on momma's lap and explained in gibberish in no uncertain terms he wasn't coming back. Two recogizable words were "brother" and "no!" No amount of coaxing could persuade him this time.