Saturday, February 25, 2017

Caleb at 23 months.

I told him I'd give him a bath and undressed him. I found him in a puddle of shampoo in the bathtub ready for his bath.

What a mess that turned out to be. After this photo he and Emmy had a kitty food fight. It was down the hall an in the bathroom too.

Chocolate was a great way to get him to sit still for his hair cut.

He dressed his foot and sister helped him with his jacket. He was off to play in the snow.

One of his favorite activities is goop! ( Momma hates it really). Its fine on the table...

I wasn't sure I like those brownies. So Caleb climbing up and wrecking them wasn't that horrible.

Uh oh! Now its on the floor. Boy does this stuff make a mess out of my carpet, upholstery, and his clothes.

Brother removed his Ukulele...

All is better. He has it back.

My attempt at brother pictures. Caleb wasn't impressed. He thought Lucas was gonna drop him.

Pure terror.