Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Playing the Didgeridoo

Lucas loves rhythm just like Rick. He pounds on his drum. He tries to "play" his Daddy's Didgeridoo. He fascinated by it. Here are the pictures to show it!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

OdE tO a SiStEr

So it has been awhile since I have posted. This might be due to one important fact: I am a very long way away from my wee baby nephew (what is the PC for this? Toddler? He's still a BABY in my eyes!!! And always will be one until he can formulate enough words to tell me off that he is NOT a baby anymore!).

I've been quite busy and wrapped up in my own world and my own mind so I haven't kept track of the wee one as I would like to have been, but that never lessens my love and devotion to my brother's and favorite sister-in-law's son. Baby Lucas.

I think I should ask Rachel before posting these, but as a moderator herself she can delete or edit at her will, so I'll surprise her by posting this email she sent me more than a week ago, updating me on life in her neck o' the woods (btw, this email is already edited by me, so portions are missing :D):

Hi Jenilyn,

I think I have a few minutes to write this morning. Lucas and I are staying home because Lucas had a bad tummy ache off and on during the night. Right now, he's in crisis. Dad went to church without us! He is standing at the door in tears. He loves going to Cradle Roll. I didn't think it wise to take him- in case this is a bug. We're going to walk to the other side of the golf course and back. Then maybe we'll go in the backyard so he can play.

By the way... We're 2/3 of the way done with fencing our yard. We have to finish that this week. Next weekend we are going on a camping trip with our "young" adult group. I guess more accurately in should be called the "young" families group. I think everybody going has at least one child.

Yesterday was a company picnic for Rick. There are 18 employees at Cascade. They all brought there families. We had 42 kids! We're supposed to go out to the presidents house today for a barbecue and activities. I think that we'll go after Lucas' nap.

Well, Love You and Miss You.



I think the true honest-to-goodness sign of family is the ability to see the bad sides yet still love one another unconditionally. Rachel fits the bill on that one. She knows our family quite well by now (HA!) and yet still loves us in spite of it all. And in return, all of us adore her back (Reggie included! And I'm not making that one up either).

She also included a rocking awesome picture of her in her wedding dress, which I must post for all her glory to shine because SHE STILL FREAKING FITS IN IT in spite of having a baby. I remember that dress. I remember it being so tight around her torso because she has such a very tiny torso.
Anyway, Rachel, THANK YOU for being amazing. Love, Jen.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

By Auntie Jenilyn's Request....

Words, words, and more words! Lucas is saying so many new things. He wanted to me to take his sippy cup lid out of his drum. I said say "please mama" so he said, "peas" and then I said mama. He said "mommy".
When its time to go to bed. He'll sing song, "nigh nigh!"
He says please when he wants something. He knows that its a "magic" word.
He says, "daddy daddy" whenever he sees motorcycles or bicycles. He associates both with Rick.
Last night he was saying baby.
He will sign, nurse, more, and all done.
When he sees his friend Jaden. He gets very excited and hurries towards him calling his name.
He will bark for the dog and meow for the cat.
He jabbers a lot. Then he pauses for me or his daddy to answer. Then he jabbers more.
( There you go Jenilyn. This is what is new now)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Knoshing on Dirt

I'm supposed to stay out of mom's planters. When she wasn't paying close enough attention... I climbed on top of her freshly watered basil and set to filling my self with the gloppy dirt. Notice, I'm still atop the planter in the first picture.