Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gymnastics adventure

Our family size has increased to five, five days per week. I am now taking care of a two-month old little girl, Josephine Rose App. Her mommy had to return to work Wednesday.

Wednesday was a rough day. I think that Josephine had an upset tummy. She didn't want her formula at all. She finally decided to drink some when Lucas asked to feed her. She has been primarily a breastfed baby up until now.

I take Lucas to gymnastics Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00. So Thursday, Josephine decided she was hungry at 9:30. I fed her for as long as I could, but couldn't finish because we were running late for class. Poor baby. She cried all the way there.

First question was, how to get three children- under three- safely from the van to the class? Answer, Lucas pushed Abrianna in the umbrella stroller, and I carried Josephine.

Lucas can be a little shy when class starts and wants me there with him. Josephine was still hungry. Fortunately, Tiffany stepped in and helped with Lucas so I could finish feeding baby while Abrianna happily toddled about the circle flirting with the adults.
The obstacle course was next . Lucas was choosing to ignore instructions, so he sat in time out a couple of times. Then I thought I smelled a poopy diaper. Both babies needed changing. So I hauled them across the gym to where the diaper bag was. Problem... No wipes! Abrianna was simply very wet and I didn't need wipes with her. Josephine had a poopy diaper. I didn't think I had time to go out to the van for the wipes and still allow Lucas time to participate in his class.
Tiffany to the rescue again! Thank GOD! She had wipes. So I'd just finished changing the second diaper when Lucas came running up to me, " I have to go pee!!" One baby into the stroller, one on the hip, Lucas pushing the stroller and down the hall we went to the bathroom.
Then everybody trooped back to the gymnastics room in time for the last activity with the parachute. I sat on the sideline. Josephine was sacked out on my lap. Abrianna in one arm.
Lucas came running back from the activity wailing that he'd gotten hurt. He got over that in time to play for a few more minutes and to get his stamp and sticker after class.
Then Abrianna went into the stroller, Josephine was over my shoulder, Lucas pushing the stroller again and off we headed to the van.
Lucas thought he needed to do a wheelie over the divider with sister in the stroller to get to the van despite being told no. This time it was teacher Katelyn to the rescue. She brought Abrianna over to me where I plopped her into the middle car seat next to Josephine.
Lucas came crawling up the step and under the car seats to make his way to the corner and his booster seat.
The stroller had disappeared. I asked Lucas what had happened to it and he replied he'd parked it behind the van. Whew! Thank God again that he didn't get hurt as the road runs right behind the van. With all three kids piled in the van, I loaded the stroller and climbed, very exhausted, in to drive home.
Josephine's mommy came over on her lunch break 20 minutes or so after we got home to nurse her. She brought her nightgown so Josephine would have something with mommy's smell on it. Worked like a charm. She slept for 3+ hours cradled in the bouncy seat using mommy's nightgown as a blanket.
Then when I tried to feed her a little later, she didn't want the formula, AGAIN! I tried putting the nightgown around her and voila! She happily drank the whole bottle. Amazing. The rest of
my afternoon was blessedly quiet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

1- year check up

Both Lucas and Josephine were in the land of nod when the time came to leave for Abrianna's 1 year check up.
Graciously, Rick consented to keep an ear out for them, leaving me the luxury of having some one on one time with my precious daughter.
Abrianna passed the developmental milestones with flying colors. In fact, the nurse was so impressed that she read through the 15 month check up and Abrianna already does all of that!
The eczema, Dr. Wren says, will probably not clear up until she's potty trained. Just keep up with what I'm doing, Burt's Bees diaper rash cream. Also recommended giving her a bath every two to three days. YUCK! I'll put up with a bit of eczema and have a CLEAN and SWEET SMELLING daughter, thank you very much!
I also found out that my daughter hasn't gained ANY weight in the past 2 months! She's the same 18 lbs. 8 oz. ( 12%) she was at a 10 month appointment, grrrr!
Dr. Wren said he isn't concerned but he'd like me to feed her more fat in the form of nut butters. When we got into the car to come home, I gave her some animal crackers. Then when we got home a half a banana that I repeatedly smothered in peanut butter and almond butter. She loved it. But what a mess!
On the brighter side, she has grown in height. She's 29 inches (47%) and her head is still large ( 86%)
Anyway.... That's my update for now.

Finger Painting

Abrianna discovered right away the the finger "paint" was really chocolate pudding.

Look at the tongue. Creative genius hard at work.

Here Lucas is telling me about the "desert" and the "Grandpa Mobile" and "water" he created with his finger paint ( chocolate pudding)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Take a good look. Do you seen what I see?
God has not only blessed my precious daughter with gorgeous red hair but it is becoming curly too!!

Lucky girl!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Abrianna's First Birthday!

Looks who's one!

Daintily testing out the frosting.
Trying out using a spoon. I really ought to give her more opportunity to do that.
Thoroughly enjoying the chocolate cupcake and ice cream

A drink is a must after eating lots of chocolate!
Serena enjoying a refreshing drink of water.

Abrianna unwrapping her present.

Birthday girl's turn on the tractor.

Peter and Maddaly playing on the tractor.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birthday at Sabbath School

Picking out her present, a little ducky book.

Candle all blown out, with a little help from big brother.

Sabbath School

I finally took my camera to Cradle Roll I. I'm long overdue. I think Lucas was 9 or 10 months old when I took pictures of him there. Here is Abrianna playing with the pinwheels after the wind song.

Riding on a Camel.

When the sun is shining bright bright bright...

I have to squeeze my eyes up tight tight tight...

Abrianna's First Birthday Sabbath

She loves her new sweater her cousin Tammy made her. We're all ready for church. I'll post some pictures of her birthday at Sabbath school when we get home.

Friday, April 17, 2009

All by himself

Lucas has been able to balance and peddle his bike for months. But today he mustered up the courage and figured out how to start out ON HIS OWN! Watch and see!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gymnastics II

The chin - up bar.

Abrianna's version of the tunnel.


Preparing for the forward roll!

Finishing the forward roll ( darn camera. too slow)

The Tunnel

Balancing on the beam.

Wall hand stands.

Happy Playmates

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt - a week early.

Pictured above, all the cousins, Seth, Annalena, Zaylie, Jadon, Lucas, Kirsten, and Abrianna.

Look! I found one behind the plant!

Abrianna got the hang of picking up the eggs really quickly. We had sectioned of an area of the lawn for the little babies, Abrianna 11 months and Kirsten 13 months.

Incidentally, one more cute story on our way home was this. My mom bought both kids some toys for the trip home. Lucas had a four-pack of cars.
I dolling them out at the rate of one an hour. I told him he had to wait for his next one until we were at Klammath Falls . Periodically, he would exclaim, "There's Mount Carmel! Can I have my car?" I suppose he must have been remembering his story of "Elijah and the time of no rain."

Natural Bridges

Last Sabbath we drove up to the Natural Bridges in the Mother Lode gold country. This was a favorite place of mine when I was a child. Last time we were there, Lucas was the same age as Abrianna is now.

He insisted on crawling into the icy spring runoff. Brrrr! Abrianna did the same. I took off her diaper and clothes so she wouldn't get quite so soggy. She was having so much fun, despite her trembling chin and goose bumped arms.
I'm surprised at her determination. She slipped and fell face first into the chilly waters, managing to scrape her leg bloody and that didn't deter her either.
The Natural Bridges are a green house for Poison Oak. On the way back up the hill, Lucas crashed into it on his "motorcycle".
When we got home to Grandma's house, everybody had shower and all clothes went directly into the washing machine. Even the motorcycle had a bath with soap.
An unfortunate discovery on the way home is that Abrianna gets car sick. Poor baby:( I do too.
I did have a clean set of clothes and some wipes. She rode on my lap until we were on straighter roads.
I don't think she'd of had that problem in a forward facing seat. We just ordered a booster for Lucas so Abrianna can have is old one and see where she's going, hurrah!

Spring pictures

Here are a couple of springy pictures from our trip to California. I tried to take some of Lucas but he didn't cooperate.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To catch up

Well, we're home safe and sound. After trying an alternate route through Nevada, we determined that our usual route on 97 through Oregon is still the fastest even though the speed limit is slower.
We went to warmer sunnier California not only to visit my immediate family but my extended family as well. My grandparents were visiting from Tennessee. Since we don't make it all the way back there, this is the only time we'd be able to see them until... who knows when?
Here are a excerpts to share.
I took my kids to see my brother's mother-in-laws chickens ( She has about 40 or them) . "Cockle doodle doo" crowed the rooster. To which my excited almost three- year-old boy exclaimed, "the chicken is barking, momma!" I asked, " Is it barking or crowing?" "It's barking!" he replied. I thought he knew the barking belonged to the dogs :-)
Wednesday we took my grandparents to Sacramento to catch their flight back home. We being my mom, best friend/sister-in-law Genni, her baby Seth, myself and Abrianna. A day to go shopping.
We dropped Grandpa and Grandma off at the airport at about 8:45. Norstrom Racks was our first destination. It doesn't open at until 10 and we arrived at 9:00. No problem. Baby's R Us was open and I needed to get organic diapers for my very sensitive skinned little girl. Here in Walla Walla I paid $15.00 for a pack of 35 diapers! And that was the sale price!
I had several coupons and there was a special on the brand at Baby's R Us. I got 3 packs of diapers and paid $29.00 !! Big savings.
Next we made our way to Bed Bath and Beyond. I found a couple of little pans for the kids to bake their own little cakes in and an adjustable measuring spoon to replace my very worn ones.
Abrianna decided she simply couldn't wait a minute longer to nurse. I swiped the keys from my mom and headed out to the van after being offered the option of nursing my baby in the bathroom, YUCK!
Abrianna nursed for awhile and then spying a water bottle decided that look more appetizing. While she played with it, I changed her diapers. I felt a very warm sensation and thought, "strange that water is very warm." Oh, if it had been only water! My daughter managed to pee on me. Not just on me but directly in a place to make me look as if I'd wet my pants. My pants were wet, but not by me!
What a way to have to look to go into a ritzy store. Norstrom Racks was our next stop. I kept my head up and tried to pretend I didn't feel conspicuous! Who thinks of taking an extra set of clothes for mommy?
Next was JC Penney's. Seth and Abrianna were both ready for some nursing and wiggle time. Gen and I stayed in the car while my mom enjoyed the store alone.
Our delicious lunch was at Macaroni Grill. We choose a corner table. Abrianna toddled around on the floor. Our last stop was Trader Joe's. I got Lucas a whole container of animal crackers for our trip home (His last container was snarfed down by a hungry uncle).
It's amazing to me how exhausting a shopping trip can be!
We went shopping another day, did an Easter egg hunt, and made a trek to the Natural Bridges.
Will try to write more later and post some pictures.