Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer has arrived!

Maybe I have a water baby?

What could be more .fun that splashing your sisters? ( do you see me in the photo?)

Home made bread... Mmmm...

Slicing into that goodness.

The cave.
Beautiful fragrant fresh made loaves of bread cooling on the counter. A hungry little three year old. A momma busy in the other room with the laundry. The outcome is pictured above. The loaf wouldn't even slice after all that diggin' with the butter knife.
I can't really be mad. She was too cute.

Boy Kitten.

Can I pet her too?

Abrianna scored big this morning snagging her cat, "Boy Kitten". (Boy Kitten is a year old female and not very friendly. )

Monday, June 20, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake.

Rick and I call her Strawberry Shortcake. I didn't realize until we were at the Darcy's how much they really looked alike until I saw a Strawberry Shortcake like I had when I was a little girl. Which one is the real thing?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Barber.

Before daddy's buzz cut.

The scenario is as follows. I'm cutting Rick's hair. Lucas says, " momma, may I trim my neck?" "No Lucas. You can't see you neck to trim it. Hold still I'll trim it with the razor." A few minutes later," I'm gonna trim my bangs." I turn to Rick and ask, "Is this worth a fight?" "Nope," he replies. " let him do it." So several hacks later, we decide that reality discipline would be to shave his head. Oh, he didn't NOT want that done. It took awhile to get him to sit on the chair for the deed to be done.
After the buzzing was completed, he ran the the bedroom to see the finished product in the mirror. Oh the wails! Rick and I ( shame on us) couldn't help from laughing. Well.... If you're gonna make a mess out of your hair there is consequences son. 

After the buzz cut.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"What is that wump?"

I was laying on the floor trying to nurse Abigayle to sleep, when who should walk in but Miss Abrianna in need of a cuddle.
That cuddling so gave way to exploring mommy's body. "Momma, what is that wump ( lump)?" "It's a mole Abrianna." "What is a mole?"she asked. "It's like a raised freckle." I replied. "Can I pick it??" she inquired hopefully. "It won't come off Abrianna." A minute later, "Momma, I pushed it!" A look of full concentration while she repeatedly  tried to pick the "wump" off. Sorry daughter, "wumps" don't come off.

All boy...

How high can he jump?

How tough can he be?

Scanning the horizon.

Everything is a weapon.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Abrianna and the Iris

Love how the black and white made the details pop out.

Her shirt and the iris matched so nicely.

 I love joining in this linked in party!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Drama Queen or Future Actress? You decide

Abrianna slipped and fell bumping her leg. She ran wailing to me.Hmmmmm, might be a bruise forming I mused.              " Lucas, please get me the 'green stuff" to put on it," I requested. He came back with 'green stuff', gauze, scotch tape, and a band aid proceeding to  truss her up with all sorts of bandages.
The gauze and scotch tape were wrapped around her thigh and the band aid's final resting place was on her shin.

The wailing and limping lasted for several hours. Till... I got tired of the drama and removing the tape and gauze from her thigh. Oh, she really wailed when I did that. Horrors, I removed the bandage from her wounded leg, to reveal... nothing. When she realized that, the crying and limping stopped.
Later on, I repeated process with the non-necessary band aid on her shin. Same story second verse. Maybe a phase. Maybe not?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A flying leap...


She wet her dress....

In the massage room working on a client ( minus a babysitter) I hear Abrianna burst into tears. Upon emerging 10 minutes later, I am met by a girl in a clean dress, and a boy with an impish grin. "Abrianna wet her dress," he declares. Hmmm.... Not anything unusual. Then he says, " actually.... I had to go to the bathroom and I couldn't make it... So I peed on her dress and the blanket on the floor."
I am speechless. How do I deal with such a boyish stunt?
 I ask, "what do you think I should do to you?"  "Smash my Lego castle," he declares.
I don't think this is sufficient.
Rick walks in the door and I relay the story to him. He walks Lucas to his bedroom for some stiffer discipline. What would you do?