Thursday, January 28, 2010


My children love to pitch in mopping the floors. This always results in an extra large amount of water pooled beside my table.
Inevitably each one will slip and fall on during the process. Lucas thought he'd circumvent the process by putting on his muddy snow boots while mopping- kind of counter-productive if you ask me.
Anyway, I showed him how to soak up the extra standing water with the mop. During the process, despite the boots, he slipped, falling and bumping his mouth on the mop handle.
After tears subsided, he changed shoes for some with supposed better traction, donning coat ( to protect his tummy) , and a helmet ( to protect his head) he resumed mopping up the water.
What a brave little trooper.


It's so nice to see compassion in a little one. Abrianna was in tears last night because she thought I was in great pain.
Towards the end of each of my pregnancies I develop badly chapped lips- regardless of the amount of water I drink.
While reading bedtime stories last night, Abrianna saw my lip and began crying, "oh NO! oh NO!" Then she leaned forward and placed several kisses on my chapped lip. It was so sweet.
She did the same thing when she found a scab on my arm yesterday. I hope that compassion will continue as she grows older.

How to occupy little ones...

I was making Rick's sandwiches. I gave Jojo a scrap of bread to gnaw on. My children quickly insisted that they were starving too. Splitting a piece I handed each of them half. Then all three plopped on their bottoms and proceeded to keep well occupied within view for a few minutes. SO cute!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Double Trouble

Double trouble certainly fits my children today. They're having so much fun getting into mischief TOGETHER!
It started this morning when they went treasure hunting behind my sectional couch. I was working in the kitchen and they were pushing and pulling each piece away from the wall and finding things like "treasure" hangers.
Jojo arrived in the midst of this. I had to pick up all the trash and run the vacuum back there before it was safe for her to be down.
Next off they went to their bedroom- I just cleaned it yesterday- in search of Doc Hudson and Lightening McQueen. They merrily informed me that they were making a mess. All the toys were pulled out of the drawers and piled in the room. I supervised and helped with that mess just before nap time.
Several of the items on my to do list for the day were grinding grains for flour and baking bread. I poured about 2 cups of barley flour into a container in the process.
Next I moved onto the bread making. Lucas wanted and did help out with measuring and pouring. I left it mixing with Lucas in charge of turning off the machine and timer when they went off. I guess a guy can get kind of bored just watching the kneading process. For what did he do, but scatter the barley flour all over the floor, his head, and the rug. He and Abrianna laid on the tummies licking it off the floor like a couple of little puppy dogs. He swept up the floor a little while later.
I had some boiled eggs to peel. I asked Lucas if he wanted to do it. Of course! That didn't seem like a mess maker. Except he took an egg yolk, scattering on the couch and the tile floor.
Whew! He had to sweep that up too. I don't know what the rest of the day will entail.
For now, they are laying down for their afternoon rest.
Oh and if you might think I simply wasn't watching them... I wasn't. Jojo is working on her second tooth and is a HUGE crank.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

When momma's not paying attention...

Notice the bits of bar soap?

Happy as a clam.

So, I've been a bit lax today. My father in-law, brother in-law, and sister in-law are all here to help celebrate Rick's 30th birthday ( Happy birthday honey!).
I was was sitting in the office with Jenilyn and Lucas. I ASSUMED that Abrianna was playing in the living room with the guys. She wasn't. Where was she? In the recently emptied bath tub ( it was still wet) happily smearing bar soap all over her self. Notice the clumps of it in her hair?
It's funny. Especially when I have the time and energy to laugh about it.
Stripping her clothes off and a quick rinse took care of the problem. Fortunately no soap was in her eyes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Once a joint has sustained a dislocation, it's much more susceptible to another dislocation. I know this from my line of work. I have relocated partially dislocated shoulders more times than I can count.
Today was my first experience with an elbow. Just over a week ago, Lucas was trying to pull Abrianna up onto the bed by her left arm. It dislocated at the elbow. I watched the E.R. doctor put it through the range of motions to relocate it. I'm grateful now that I did watch so closely.
For today, Lucas tried to pull Abrianna back up onto his bed by the same arm. Low and behold, her left elbow dislocated. This time I knew what to do. Grasping her wrist in one hand and her elbow in the other, I flexed her arm while turning her wrist, first one way then the other. There was a pop and it relocated itself.
Thank GOD! No E.R. trip this time. All better.

Take the Key and lock her up

Today is MOPS day. A day that I greatly look forward to twice a month; good conversation, yummy food, an opportunity to get out of the house.
Alas, it was not to be for Abrianna is running a fever. Sigh... I'm very disappointed.
Lucas was begging to walk to the park. Why not? Locking Jasper into his cage we set out. Lucas listened particularly well, stopping and waiting at each street for the okay before crossing.
Abrianna wasn't interested in swinging today. So Lucas entertained himself and Jojo by pushing her on the swing while Abrianna and I looked on.
Walking in the door, I warned Lucas to pick up the
contents of his craft box, scattered across the living room floor.
Going on about my business, I heard Jojo fussing. Turning towards the living room I saw that Lucas had taken care of the problem. There sat miss Jojo, in her car seat, a crate turned upside down over the top of it. He figured he'd just contain her so she couldn't mess up his stuff.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


There's a lot to be said for being with your children to enforce what you ask them to do. I put my children down for a "nap" with the instructions of no books or toys. Low and behold, look at how I found my "napping girl." Next time, I need to stay in the room with her.

24 Weeks

A little nicer picture.

Okay, Lucas took this for me. I hope I'm really not as big as I look in the picture. It is at an angle.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a day!

I hope this doesn't end up sounding like too much of a whine session. I love my children. I love being able to stay home with them. I love I have another one on the way. But all of these areas are not without their challenges.
Every single pregnancy, my back slips as hormones surge. I'd prided myself that here I'd made it past 20 weeks and my back hadn't slipped to the point of incapacitating me. Pride does proceed a fall. A week and a half ago, it let go.
When this happens, bending and sometimes walking becomes not only painful but at times impossible. Usually this will last 2 weeks.
Yes, I've tried physical therapy and chiropractics. Believe it or not, my back self corrects as quickly on it's own as it does with treatments. So, my treatment of choice is to take it easy and endure.
It's been a week and a half thus far. Usually I'm better in the morning than at night. Not today. I could barely walk this morning. Thankfully, Rick kept our kids while I gimped through my shopping trip. It was amazing that I finished and was home within an hour and a half.
One of my friends dad's works at Andy's and noticed my careful movements, volunteering to take my groceries out for me. Thanks Joe.
Consequently, I have done very little in my home today. This is very frustrating. I had big plans for some more de-cluttering and organizing. Sigh... If I get on the floor, I may not get back up.
After lunch, I sent my kidlets to their room for a nap, asking Lucas to help Abrianna up onto his bed.
Several minutes later, Abrianna came rushing out of the bedroom in tears, clutching her left arm. "Not again!" were my first thoughts. Followed by, " will they turn us into cps for child abuse?"
I scooped her up - as best as I could- and hobbled into the bedroom to ask Lucas what had happened. He said, " I was trying to get her up on the bed and I pulled her too tight and I broke her bone. That's what happened."
So off we headed to ER for the third time in 6 months for a possible broken bone. Rick insisted we go to St. Mary's this time. (We have new insurance that contracts with St. Mary's not general.)
We waited 10-15 minutes in the waiting room. Just before the Dr. came into to see us, Abrianna was playing on the floor and apparently twisted her arm. For all of sudden, she stopped guarding it and began using it normally. Dr. also relocated it. We opted to skip the x-ray and came home. I'm so grateful it wasn't broken.
The rest of the day was spent with my kids napping and me laying on the couch. I'm hoping to do something of value this evening.
I suppose I did make supper. Tried a new recipe out of Mothering magazine- Parsnip, potato, leek chowder. Definitely make again. It was good. My children enjoyed it too.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas in California

Grandma 'Tine does such a good job picking favorite toys. She loves the stroller.

Horsey rides were a big hit. She almost fell asleep on Auntie 'Lyssa's back.

Cousin Zaylie loves to love on "Babebrianna".

Great profile shot!
Thanks to Uncle Kyle for sending these pictures.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Lucas is a bit afraid of water- just like his momma. His daddy loves water. The solution? Swimming lessons at the YMCA. These are not mommy and me swimming lessons. Otherwise there is no way I could do it. Not with the girls in tow.
Today, the first day, was rainy and in the the 30's. He's been so excited about it that 3:00 seemed like an eternity to him. That changed to being a bit anxious on the trip there. "Momma, I don't like swimming lessons!" he declared "But Daddy loves swimming lessons, and you want to be like daddy right?" I replied.
When we arrived - the whole 5 minute drive from home- we all piled out of the van. Lucas walked while Jojo rode in the stroller, dutifully "pushed" by miss Abrianna.
Upon entering the building we were led to the pool area and pointed to the family changing room. We arrived in plenty of time, sitting by the pool a full 10 minutes before class was to begin at 3:30.
Lucas was the only one in his class for the first half.
I occupied myself outside the pool area with the other parents. I had a nice chat another mom, Jennifer.
Jojo's big brother Jamie was at the YMCA and stopped by to say hi to Jojo. About that time the lesson ended. It took a few minutes to strap Jojo into the stroller and hobble down to the dressing room.
No Lucas. A nice man offered to check and see if he was in the men's dressing room. I found him in the pool area with one of the teachers. She scolded me telling me I needed to be there to pick him up at 4:00.
Normally that wouldn't have bothered me. But not today. You see, every pregnancy at some point my back slips. It is so bad that I can't comfortably bend, sit, lay down. Picking up my children is torturous. I didn't dawdle to get my child. I'm not an irresponsible parent. I'm a pregnant in pain barely able to walk parent with two other children in tow. Abrianna isn't fast at walking. She is only 20 months old after all.
After getting Lucas to change and everybody into to jackets we made our way out into the chilly evening. Abrianna in and strapped, next Lucas, lastly Jojo. Stroller into the back. The short drive home was puntuated by wailing girls. Abrianna wanted "Wawa!" water. Jojo was starving.
We are home. Abrianna has had her water. Jojo her bottle. Lucas fed himself corn chex and milk which he generously offered to share with his momma - who was on the verge of tears.
I'm hoping my back cooperates better on Wednesday. I have an appointment at 4:30. That's the time I arrived home today. Whew! What an experience.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Abrianna singing Jesus Loves Me.

Being like Momma

Sitting at the computer yesterday, feeding Jojo, with mounds of laundry waiting to be folded piled on the couch and floor behind me... Up sidled my daughter.
Aren't little ones observant?
She wanted to wear big girl undergarments too.
Very proud of herself as you can see.